Having made its mark in engineering education, PES University noted that the present scenario of teaching of Economics, Commerce, and Law indicated the need for a Centre of excellence in teaching and learning in these disciplines. Hence. the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) @ PES University was established with strong encouragement from Professor M R Doreswamy, Chancellor, PES University.  Thinking ahead in time and to promote inter-disciplinarily, Professor K N Balasubramanya Murthy conceived the idea of offering three courses on Applied Economics, Commerce and BBA LLB so that the Centre is able to carve out its place as an institution of excellence.

CDS presently offers Post Graduate degrees of MSc in Applied Economics and a PG in Applied Commerce. A unique double degree five year integrated course on BBA LLB is also offered at the Centre. What sets apart the MSc in Applied Economics @ CDS is the strong applied component that equips the student to analyse and handle real world economic problems with zero preparation time. MSc in Applied Economics offered by the department of economics @ PES is a rare course; and is taught at a very few selected Universities in the world that include: London School of Economics, John Hopkins University, Liverpool University, Nottingham University and at very few centres in India. Applied Economics @ PES relates to applying the theory & tenets of economics to real world situations and seek solutions for the complex economic problems in a laboratory mode. CDS has a fully equipped laboratory for economics and law. Thus students are not only acquainted with theoretical economics framework but also soil their hands with practical issues in the CDS Economics Laboratory. This Laboratory is specially equipped with experiments, data and other sources of study material.

Given such an approach, CDS is poised to make its impact on the way Economics, Law, and Commerce is taught, learnt, and researched in our country. Naturally, professionals who pass out  such an institution will make their presence felt in the market.