I feel quite honoured in penning this message from my desk at CDS@PES University. After working for about four decades in research and teaching of economics at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics Pune and at Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore; I took this challenging responsibility to develop this unique centre that combines Applied Economics, Commerce and Law. We are beginning our venture with MSc in Applied Economics and BBA, LLB. Many friends ask me, why we did not stick to the usual course title of MA in economics. I found that in the best schools teaching economics all over the world, the nomenclature of the degree is MSc Economics. These include London School of Economics, Liverpool University, John Hopkins and many others. In India also a few schools have adopted this new title and it will be in high demand in coming years. We have planned teaching in applied economics that combines learning of the theories and tenets of economics and applying them to a real life situation in a specially conceived laboratory of economics at CDS. Our laboratory is equipped with the important data sources on Indian Economy and society, the experiments are laid after a careful survey of the literature. We are pursuing the same innovative approach in teaching as also research in Commerce and Law.

We are committed to create a body of proficient and vibrant professionals for tomorrow. I strongly believe that this accomplished young force will bring in sea change in the field of economics, commerce and law in future.

Professor R S Deshpande
Director and Advisor
Centre for Development Studies
PES University