CDS has a unique laboratory for M. Sc. in Applied Economics students, the only one in the field of Economics in the country. The Economics Laboratory course @ CDS is a compulsory three credit course for all the semesters. In addition to the usual lab hours, students at the Centre can access and use the laboratory for her/his research purposes. To keep pace with the ever changing world, incorporating technology in educational environment is the norm. Hence CDS uses sophisticated delivery techniques and software to make learning more creative, interactive and information driven by. At CDS, given its orientation towards data analytics and econometrics we have advanced computing facilities for use by students and staff. A 10 MBPS (1:1) bandwidth dedicated line with 24 hours internet connectivity (Wi-Fi enabled) is available. The local internet, 1000 MBPS switched network, provides an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities.


The library @ PES University occupies over 50,000 square feet and provides students with access to a vast repository of resources, including books, periodicals and journals. Moreover, peaceful and sun-lit areas provide ideal study spaces. Our libraries remain open until midnight on all days. During the examinations, they are open 24 hours. Completely automated library management systems make it possible to borrow books at any time of the day or night, number of books or copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the library. Trained staff is always at hand to assist students. In addition to these resources, faculty members dynamically upload all their lecture and research notes on the PES Intranet. These are available to the students with the simple keying in of a password. In addition, the Centre has a library with most essential books and journal papers on economics and other social sciences.


For policy making it is vital to develop national and global connectivity by bringing the best lecture courses, workshops and conferences. For these purposes, CDS@PES has a seminar hall enough to accommodate a large number of students and equipped with comfortable chairs, multimedia projector and computer facility to aid the proceedings.


The green campus of PES offers delightful spaces for studying, living and interacting. The excellent residential facilities have been carefully planned keeping in view international standards and ambience. Students hostels on the campus offer well-ventilated, comfortable rooms with separate hostels for girls and boys. Rooms are available on single or double / multi – sharing basis. Stringent, round-the-clock security arrangements and doctor on call service ensure that all student needs are attended to.

The modern cafeteria, with its open kitchen and airy patio is equipped to serve hundreds of students every day and offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There are restaurants on campus offering a variety of different cuisine – from North Indian menu to South Indian specialties.