Teaching in India has gone through generations of changes, but over time became rather dogmatic and rarely allowed free flow of new currents. The syllabi and the courses are designed on earlier blueprints with little modifications and very little scope is given for innovations. Hands-on approach is totally absent and learners have no option but to choose the usual combinations and focus only on passing the examinations. Over time, we are training parrots than inculcating knowledge and understanding of the subject. With the expansion of the economy and increasing demand for expert human power, innovative post-graduate courses has been increasing. In recent years, educationists have observed that emphasis in teaching has changed towards practical aspects.

At CDS, M.Sc. in Applied Economics was designed as ‘Teaching with Precision of Science and Elegance of Arts’. First time in India a unique Laboratory of Economics is established and innovative experiments are generated. Here students will develop an analytical understanding of national and global economy, and have hands on experience in using cutting edge techniques in data analytics. Two advanced courses on big data analytics are offered.

The M. Com programme has been designed to meet international commercial standards, thus making the students globally marketable. Students at the Centre will be trained to maze through the commercial data from corporate books and soil their hands by engaging in understanding the methods of either accounting. Specially designed hands on training will help the students gain placements as soon as they finish their course.

The Law programme is a unique combination of Bachelors in Business Administration and Bacholors in Law. CDS has a clear agenda of catering and contributing to the Bar, Bench and the Corporate; and hence is launching a B.BA LL.B programme. This course will enable students better understand the relationship between Business, Law and Practice. It also offers rigorous training in Laws, Policies and Statutes; along with practical training in Business Administration. In addition to teaching, the course concentrates on Clinical Legal Research, Lab and Practice.