Centre for Development Studies is proud of its dynamic body of faculty members, with diverse specializations. The areas of research at CDS is dictated by policy requirement as well as faculty interests and specializations. The areas of research expertise identified include issues pertaining to India’s Growth and Macroeconomic issue, International Trade, Various Policy Initiatives, Issues in Industry, Technology, Infrastructure, Labour, Urban issues, Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment, Health, Poverty, Human Development and studies on legal issues. Apart from these, the Centre would also engage in intra-disciplinary research activities involving various scientific and developmental sectors jointly with other departments at PES that could contribute to the development of the society and the country at large.

CDS appreciates and entertains collaboration with institutions, organisations and agencies of both government and private origin, for research and evaluations in relevant contemporary issues and policy. These will however, be discussed with the authorities of PES before entering into contracts. State government, national level and projects from various funding agencies are welcome.

Among the recent (self initiative) on-going and completed research projects by the CDS faculty members include:

  • Role of Safety Net Programmes in Achieving SDGs (on-going)
  • ‘Improvising Agricultural Statistical Systems’ (on-going)
  • Foundation for Agrarian Studies project on ‘Project on Agrarian Relations in India’ (on-going)
  • Department of Health and Family Welfare project on “Evaluation of Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project” with Prof. M Yadav and S A Pasha, ISEC (completed)