Office Bearers:President- Pranav Singhania; Vice Presidents- NandiniBharadwaj, SubhaIyengar, Niyam Joshi; FinancialHead- Akshay Shrivastava

Contact Person:Pranav Singhania-9663084209; Sashidhar GV- 9844033827

The club brings together students interested in quizzing. The club conducts Weekly quizzes, ConQuizTador,Aatmatrisha Quizzes, TheAmatuer Scientist Quizzes, IEEETech Quiz, Samarpana Quiz, TheFreshers’ Quiz, Saturday NightTrivia (PESU App). ConQuizTador 2016,nation-wide quizzing event forstudents of grade 8 to 12 saw a turnout of about 2000 students. The present membership is 34 and is open to students of any year who volunteer for the activities of the club.