K Sudheer

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Dr. K Sudheer

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: EXT. NO. 865
Email ID: drkavetisudheer@gmail.com

Dr. K Sudheer is an Assistant Professor in the Science and Humanities Department at PES University.

M.Sc, M.phil

Professional Experience
Teaching : 16 Years
R&D : NA
Industry : NA

1. Squard committe member
2. Discipline committe Member
3. SPIRIT cooridinator

1. Synthesis of a New class Spiro Heterocyclic compounds
2. Doble Michael adducts : Source for spiro heterocycles
3. Synthesis of some new 3,4 disubstituted pyrroles and pyrazoles

Journal Publications
1. Double Michael addition reactions of methyl-3-aryl-2-(Z-styrylsulfonyl)-Acrylate
V. Padmavathi,* K. Sudheer and A. Padmaja
Indian J. Chem., 47B, 734-739 (2008).

2. Synthesis of a New Class of Spiro Heterocycles
V. Padmavathi,* K. Sudheer, D.R.C.V. Subbaiah and K. Mahesh
J. Heterocyclic Chem., 45, 513-519 (2008).

3. Michael Adducts - Source for Spiro Heterocycles
K. Sudheer, B.C. Venkatesh, K. Syamaiah and V. Padmavathi*
Indian J. Chem., 52B, 1473-1478 (2013).

4. Double Michael Adducts – Source for Spiro Heterocycles
V. Padmavathi,* K. Sudheer, A. Muralikrishna and A. Padmaja
Indian J. Chem., 54B, 283-289 (2015).

5. Synthesis of antimicrobial activity of some new 3,4-disubstituted pyrroles and pyrazoles
Sytamaiah k. Durgamma S. , Sudheer K. ,Padmavathi V. and Padmaja A.
Der pharma chemica, 7(8), 64-73 (2015).

6. Amberlyst-15: An Efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of B amino carbonyl compounds.
P. Venkata Ramana, K. Uma Maheswara Rao, B. Sateesh, S. Hrinath Jayaprakash, Shaik Ahammed Kabeer, K. Sudheer and C. Suresh Reddy
Org. Commun. 8:4 ,90-97 (2015).
7. Thermodynamic and Acoustical studies on Binary Mixtures of Methyl Acrylate with 2-(2-Alkoxy Ehoxy) Ethanols at 308.15K.
K. Vijayalakshmi and K. Sudheer
Indian J. Innovative Research in sciences, Engineering and Tech 5, (2016).