H.R. Vanamala

Mrs. Vanamala.H.R. - WF1101

Mrs. H.R. Vanamala

Assistant Professor

Email ID: vanamalahr@pes.edu

Mrs. H.R. Vanamala is an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Communication Department at PES University.

M.E(Digital Communication);

Brief Profile
B.E (Electronics and Communication)
M.E.( Digital Communication)
(Ph.D) Bio-Medical Signal Processing
Doing PhD under VTU.
Guide: Dr. Vijaya Krishna A

22 Years of teaching experience

Expertise field
Embedded Systems, Communication systems, Signal and Image processing

1. Class Incharge for UG and PG classes, Anchor for ITC, LD,Basic Electronics, Lab In-charge for various labs like Basic Electronics, Logic Design, Communication Engineering, Microcontrollers Etc., Alumni Co-ordinator, Process Co-Ordinator, Department NBA Co-ordinator, NAAC Co-Ordinator, TEQIP Co-Ordinator, Faculty Advisor, VTU Squad Member, Member BoS,Disciplinary committee member
2. Attended
various workshops/FDPs on RTOS, Embedded systems, Bio- medical signal and Image processing and Pattern Recognition, Research Methodologies.
3. Conducted
various workshops/FDPs for students and faculty on RTOS, Embedded systems, Bio- medical signal and Image processing and Pattern Recognition, Yoga, Mudras ,Faculty Enrichment Programs, Health Camps.

Subjects handled:
Advanced Computer Communication Networks; Advanced Embedded Systems; RTOS; RTS;
Advanced Microcontrollers, Artificial Neural Networks, Advanced Computer Architecture
Signals and Systems ; Applied Electronics and Microprocessors; Computer Communication Networks; Microprocessors; Computer Organization; Microcontrollers – 8051, PIC, Motorola, ARM, MSP; Basic Electronics ; Mobile Communication; Digital Switching Systems; Optical Communication; Communication Engineering; Programming in C++; Information Theory and Coding; Microwave Engineering; Pattern Recognition and Classification;Real time Systems;RTOS;Artificial Neural Networks;Logic Design.

1. Doing PhD under VTU in Bio-Medical Image Processing under the guidance of Dr. Vijaya Krishna A.
2. Working on biomedical Signal Processing – EEG , FMRI and PET data
3. Has undergone two months training at NIMHANS. Worked on Brain EEG, fMRI and PET data analysis (Alzheimer's and Epilepsy)
4. Continuing to work in association with NIMHANS.

Sl no. Name of the faculty Name of the Conference/ journals Title of the paper forum
1 H R Vanamala Maithreyi  uttarkar VCASAN - 2013 Task Migration for 3x3 tile based NOC architecture BNMIT
2 H R Vanamala

Archana Raju

Cache based fault detection and recovery scheme for MPSOCs Wireless Communication and Signal processing BMSCE
3 H R Vanamala Archana Raju VCASAN, International Conference Cache based fault detection and recovery scheme for Quadcore MPSOCs BNMIT
4 H R Vanamala Satyapal ICICE, International Conference FPGA implementation of Fault Response Mechanism for RPRHybrid Network ICICE
5 H R Vanamala , Tejaswini M,

Mrs. Shamala N

International Journal of Electronic Engineering Research-2013 Robotic Arm through Human Hand Gestures Using Zigbee Technology IJEER
6. H R  Vanamala, Prajna K B II int. National conference on signal and Image processing and VLSI.May 15-16, 2015, Removal of PLI and high frequency artifacts from ECG signal using Reconfigurable

FFT/IFT filters

DBIT, Bangalore.
7.  Vanamala H R ,

Sheetal K S

Int. Conference on Electronics and   communication Engineering ,June 2015, Bangalore Implementation of low frrequency transceiver on FPGA ICEECE
8. H R Vanamala

Deepa Krushnappa

IJCA, Sept-2015, Bangalore. Design of Improved Canny Edge detection Algorithm IJCA