Lata Pasupulety

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Dr Lata Pasupulety

Professor and Chairperson

Phone Number: EXT. NO. 863
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Dr Lata Pasupulety is a Professor and Chairperson in the Science and Humanities Department at PES University.

Ph.D(Physical Chemistry)
M.Sc(Physical Chemistry),
B.Sc. Hons.(Chemistry)

1. Fellowship for Phd
2. M.Sc. Gold Medal
3. Scholarship for M.Sc.
4. B.Sc. Science Merit Award
5. Scholarship for B.Sc.

Professional Experience
Teaching : 11 yrs
Research : 16 yrs

1. Chairperson, S&H, PESU
2. Woman representative, EMRC,PESU

1. Catalysis
2. Synthesis of nanoparticles

Journal Publications

1.Bumajdad A.;. Hasan M.A.; Zaki M.I. ; Mekhemer G. A. H.; Pasupulety L.; Mathew A. : Impacts of CuOx additive on the CO oxidation activity and related surface and bulk properties of a nano-CeO2 Catalyst,Reaction kinetics,mechanisms and catalysis(2010)99(2).

2.Bumajdad, A.; Eastoe, J.; Zaki, M. I; Heenan, R. K.; Pasupulety, L.: Generation of metal oxide nanoparticles in optimised microemulsions, J. Coll. Interface Science (2007) 312(1)68-75

3. Bumajdad, A.; Zaki, M. I.; Eastoe, J.; Pasupulety, L ‘Characterization of nano-cerias synthesized in microemulsion by N2 sorptiometery and electron microscopy :J.Coll.Interface Science(2006)302(2)501-508

4. Bumajdad, A.; Zaki M. I.; Eastoe, J.; Pasupulety, L., 'Microemulsion-based synthesis of CeO2 powders with high surface area and high temperature stabilities, Langmuir (2004) 20 (25) :11223-11233
5. Hasan M.A., Zaki, M.I., Pasupulety,L .:Oxide-catalyzed conversion of Acetic acid into acetone:an FTIR spectroscopic investigation, Applied Catalysis A:General (2003)243(1):81-92

6. Hasan M.A., Zaki, M.I. ,Pasupulety,L .:IR investigation of the oxidation of propane and likelyC-3 and C-2 products over group IV B metal oxide catalysts, J.Phys. Chem. B (2002)106(49):12747-12756

7. Hasan M.A., Zaki, M.I. ,Pasupulety,L .:A spectroscopic investigation of isopropanol and methylbutynol as infra red reactive probes for base sites on polycrystalline metal oxide surfaces,Journal of molecular catalysis A :Chemical (2002)178(1-2):125-137

8. Zaki, M.I.,Hasan, M.A., AlSagheer, F.A., Pasupulety, L .:In situ FTIR spectra of pyridine adsorbed on SiO2-Al2O3,TiO2,ZrO2 and CeO2:general considerations for the identification of acid-sites on surfaces of finely divided metal oxides, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering aspects (2001)190(3):261-274

9. Zaki,M.I., Hasan, M.A., Pasupulety, L .:In situ FTIR spectroscopic study of 2-propanol adsorptive and catalytic interactions on metal-modified aluminas, Langmuir (2001)17(13):4025-4034

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11.Zaki,M.I.,Hasan,M.A.,AlSagheer,F.A.,Pasupulety,L.:Surface Chemistry of acetone on metal oxides:IR observation of acetone adsorption and consequent surface reactions on silica-alumina versus silica and alumina, Langmuir (2000)16(2):430-436

12. Zaki, M.I., Hasan, M.A., Pasupulety, L .:Influence of CuOx additives on CO oxidation activity and related surface and bulk behaviours of Mn2O3,Cr2O3 and WO3 catalysts, Applied Catalysis A :General (2000),198(1-2) :247-259

13. Hasan, M.A., Zaki, M.I., Pasupulety, L., Kumari,K., :Promotion of the hydrogen peroxide decomposition activity of manganese oxide catalysts, Applied Catalysis A :General (1999)181(1):171-179

14. Zaki, M.I., Hasan, M. A., Pasupulety,L., Fouad, N.E., Helmut, K.:CO and CH4 total oxidation over manganese oxide supported on ZrO2,TiO2,TiO2-Al2O3 and SiO2-Al2O3 catalysts, New J.Chem (1999)23(12):1197-1202

15. AlSagheer,F.A., Hasan,M.A., Pasupulety,L., Zaki,M.I.:Low temperature synthesis of Hausmannite Mn3O4,Journal of Material Science Letters(1999)18(3): 209-211

16. Zaki,M.I., Hasan,M.A., Pasupulety,L., Kumari,K.:Bulk and surface characteristics of pure and alkalized Mn2O3:TG,IR,XRD,XPS,specific adsorption and redox catalytic studies, New J.Chem (1998)22(8):875-882

17. Hasan,M.A., Zaki,M.I., Kumari,K., Pasupulety,L.: Soot deep oxidation catalyzed by molybdena and molybdates: a thermogravimetric investigation,Thermochimica Acta(1998) 320(1-2):23-32

18. Zaki, M.I., Hasan, M.A., Pasupulety, L. ,Kumari,K.: Thermochemistry of manganese oxides in reactive atmospheres:Probing catalytic MnOx compositions in the atmosphere of CO+O2,Thermochimica Acta(1998) 311(1-2):97-103

19. Zaki, M.I.,Hasan, M.A., Pasupulety, L., Kumari, K.: Thermochemistry of Manganese Oxides in reactive gas atmospheres: Probing redox compositions in the decomposition course MnO2  MnO ,Thermochimica Acta)(1997) 303(2):171-181

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