Priya Badrinath

1E9A6768-Priya B-CSE

Mrs. Priya Badrinath

Assistant Professor

Mobile Number: 9611786099
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Mrs. Priya Badrinath is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at PES University.


Date of Joining
30th July, 2010

7.5 years

Mrs. Priya Badrinath’s areas of interest are Programming Languages, DBMS, Algorithms, Sensor Networks and Wireless Communication. She holds a M.Tech in Digital Communication and Networking from VTU, Belagavi. She has published papers in 3 Journals and presented a paper in a National Conference.

  1. Handled Minor Courses.
  2. Taken SASP Classes for 1 st year.
  3. Worked as Teaching Assistants with various Professors
  4. Test Coordinator.
  5. Assisted in various college events and function-technical and non technical
  6. Conducted Guest lectures
  7. Assisted in Departmental Administration for various purposes.
  8. Class Teacher.
  9. Faculty advisor
  10. Invigilation , valuation and Lab Exam Conduction during End Semester Examinations

UG Courses

  • UNIX System Programming.
  • UNIX Shell Programming.
  • Database Management System
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • Data Structures using Java.
  • Introduction to C
  • Object Oriented Modeling and Design.
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithm
  • Java Programming Language
  • And Associated laboratories.

Persuing P.hD from VTU Belagavi Registered in 2016.


Software Engineering


Legacy System

  1. Priya B, Ajeet AC , "A Survey On Integration and Migration of Heterogeneous Computers" presented in Second National Conference in Advances in Computing and Information Technology, held at Reva University, May 6 th and 7th 2017.
  2. Priya B "Development of cross-platform mobile app for integrated software", National Conference, NCNTMS - 2013, Bangalore.
  3. Dheeraj D, Priya B, "Virtualization of multilingual keyboard on Cloud" , National Conference, RATE-2012, Bangalore.