Suganthi J

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Ms. Suganthi J

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Suganthi J is an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Communication Department at PES University.



Brief Profile
Obtained BE degree from Bharathidasan University and the M.Tech degree from VTU.

  1. NBA co-ordinator
  2. Class co-ordinator
  3. Web upload co-ordinator
  4. credit course co-ordinator
  5. EWD Co-ordinator
  6. Test Co-ordinator
  7. QEEE Co-ordinator
  8. Lab In charge
  9. Summer term and Fast Track Co-ordinator

Subjects Teaching

  1. Digital Switching Systems
  2. Information Theory and Coding
  3. Antenna Theory and Wave propagation
  4. Wireless Communication
  5. Error control Coding
  6. Satellite communication
  7. Advanced digital communication
  1. Working on Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  2. Handling and developing projects on SDR
  3. Conducting workshops and seminars on SDR
  4. Working with Open source software like GNU Radio.

National conference : 02
Internationl conference: 02
International Journal:02
Book chapter :01


    Telemedicine: Emerging Technologies, Applications and Impact on Health Care Outcomes
    A Portable Telemedicine Emergency Device for Patients with Neurological Disorders
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  2. Twelfth IEEE and IFIP International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communication NetworksWOCN 2015 Conference Program
    TITLE:Design of Fiber Channel Based High Speed Serial Transmitter for Video Protocol on FPGA AUTHOR:Naimahmed Nesaragi, B. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. C.M. Ananda, J.Suganthi "
  3. IEEE-20180 Medical Alert Systems with TeleHealth & Telemedicine Monitoring Using GSM and GPS Technology Suganthi.J.# , N.V.Umareddy # and Nitin Awasthi*
  4. TITLE:Design of Accurate Navigation System by Integrating INS and GPS using Extended Kalman Filter International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278-0181"