Naveen P

1E9A6750-Naveen P-CSE

Mr. Naveen P

Assistant Professor

Mr. Naveen P is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at PES University.

11th January, 2016

2.5 years

Description :

Mr. Naveen P is currently the Information Officer and Impartus Coordinator of the Department.

His areas of interest are Web Technologies, Python, Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Database and Data Analytics. He holds a M.Tech in Computer Science (Web Technologies) from PESIT, Bangalore. He has done projects and obtained trainings from Philips, Infosys, HAL (Aerospace Division) and HMT. He is a member of IET and currently the District Secretary in Rotaract. He has conducted a 2 Day Bootcamp and a 2 Day Workshop on IOT and Data Analytics.