Raghavendra M J

1E9A6857-Raghavendra M J-ECE

Mr. Raghavendra M J

Assistant Professor

Email ID: raghavendramj@pes.edu

Mr. Raghavendra M J is an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Communication Department at PES University.

BE - Electronics and Communication
M.Tech - Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication

Teaching Experience
15 years

1. Woked as a Project Coordinator
2. Worked as an anti ragging committe member
3. Worked as a TEQIP Coordinator

  1. Analog Communication
  2. Digital Commnication,Digital Signal Processing
  3. Advanced Digital Communication
  4. Advanced Computer architechtecture are taught.

The astounding augmentation of multimedia in the fields of communication media, medicine, surveillance etc. resulted in the huge volume of data acquirement. The storage of these data requires massive memory. For communication, these data need enormous transmission bandwidth. The only solution to reduce the storage and the transmission bandwidth is the data compression. There fore research work is continued to compress the image using different hybrid combination of transforms.

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