Student enthusiasm and feedback are  important drivers of change and evolution at PES. We are proud of our vibrant, student community that continually innovates and excels in all spheres from academics to arts and sports. Together, they make a marvelous pool of diverse interests and talent that thrives on the rich cultural, recreational and social opportunities on our campus.

We help them develop independent thinking, initiative, enterprise and resilience so that they can effectively apply the knowledge they acquire.

Recognition and rewards for excellence encourage healthy competition and motivate students to go that extra mile.

A PES degree must be an asset whose value continues to appreciate with time – we recognize that this requires that our student body be of the highest quality. We have set up processes to ensure that we continue to attract and admit the best possible talent, so that the institution and alumni network benefit from fresh thinking and new intellectual capital.

The PES educational experience not just develops students’ intellect, it also shapes their character. While our student community is enriched by its diversity, there are certain values we seek to inculcate in every one who studies here. All PES graduates are distinguished by a strong commitment to their goals, integrity and concern for the environment and the society they live in.