Award Details: The PESSAT “Commitment to Science” Scholarships will be awarded in two categories every year. The name of the awards and the Prize money is listed below.


With the overwhelming reception and encouragement to our PESSAT Commitment to Science Scholarships 2015, we are moving forward this year with renewed enthusiasm to continue honoring the bright young minds and to encourage Science among them.

We believe that our efforts to identify and honor the most innovative and bright minds through this effort called the PESSAT Commitment to Science Scholarships will be utilized and encouraged by one and all again this year.

Selection Criteria: PESSAT “Commitment to Science” Scholarships will honor the best science student in the grades 10 and 12. The candidates will be recommended by the school, although broad criteria for selection of the candidates is suggested below.

Best Science Student

  • Creativity
  • Ability to work with his hands and build
  • Ability to score exams and compete in SCIENCE SUBJECTS ONLY
  • Passion towards Science

Important Dates

1. January 15, 2017: Application deadline

2. From December 1, 2016: Announcement of selected schools based on applications received

3. April 10, 2017: Last date for felicitation

4. Scholarship Distribution: We would be pleased to felicitate the students during your graduation ceremony. Names of the respective candidates should be forwarded to us two weeks in advance to your graduation ceremony date.