1. Pluribus Networks Inc, CA, USA. Grant amount: US $6,500/-. Study of openflow implementation. Year completed: 2013
  2. Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore India: Grant amount: INR 6.0 laks. Using Cross Stratum Optimization(CSO) to develop Application and Network Control protocols. Year completed: 2013.
  3. PESIT, Bangalore (with B.E 8th Based Tangible User Interface for Resource Management.
  4. PESIT, Bangalore (with BE 8th Reduction of Broadcast Traffic in L2 Networks using Application Development in SDN. sem students). Completion date: May 2014. Gesture sem students). Completion Date: May 2014.
  5. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA. June-July 2014. Conducted Research workshop with PESIT students along with ODU Faculty and researchers.