Underwater acoustic sensors and platforms

A portable underwater acoustic platform is being built to send and receive acoustic signals. The platform has GPS, digital compass and navigation aids to conduct research in water-bodies for underwater acoustics.

Water flow sensors

Water is fast becoming a very scarce resource which merits sensor based metering at all levels– industrial and residential. Our research delves into low-cost mechanisms to perform networked monitoring of water consumption.

Sensor assisted protected cultivation of crops

The goal is to use sensor technology in protected cultivation to make farming simple, sustainable and profitable. Crop parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture and fertility are monitored and controlled.

Biomedical sensor based analytics for ADHD

Electrical signals from the prefrontal cortex are acquired using a neuro-signal sensor and analyzed to quantify attentivity. Standardized tests are used as stimuli to assess attention levels using TBR analysis.

Sensors for power-management in buildings

A network of power-sensors is used to monitor (measure and log) power consumption patterns in shared building utilities. As an outcome practices are recommended that can help reduce power consumption.