Dr. Venkatesh Vadde (Venky)

Venky earned a B.Tech from IIT Madras in Electronics & Communication Engineering in 1993, MS from IISc, Bangalore in 1995 and Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) in 1999 all from the ECE Departments. After graduation, he worked for various leading Wireless companies like Nokia Research, Qualcomm Inc and Beceem Communication in the USA and India for about 10 years. Since 2008, he has been a Professor in the ECE Department of PESIT, Bangalore, and has been engaged in research and teaching of various interdisciplinary topics. He consults for the Indian Navy working with the Naval Research Board, and also the Department of Space (ISRO), as well as various Industry bodies. Venky’s current interests span a wide range of topics like sensors, wireless communication, acoustics, signal processing, and sustainable living. He has undertaken sponsored research by raising grants in excess of Rs.10 Million. Recently, Venky established an Innovation Lab with the intent of converting inventive student ideas into market ready prototypes. He has published numerous papers of high quality in International Journals and Conferences, authored two book chapters and is a named inventor or co-inventor on 8 patents.