Naval Research Board

The extramural research wing of the Indian Navy, which liases with academia. We have so far raised Rs.6 Million of funding from Sonar & Signals Behaviour panel for underwater acoustic research and the Systems panel on underwater sensor research.

ISRO, Dept. of Space

ISRO has sponsored a Rs.1.5 Million research project on the CDMA code- design for the regional navigation system, IRNSS being designed for satellite navigation (civilian and military) in the Indian sub-continental region.

VTU, VGST Karnataka State

We undertook an applied research project sponsored by the VTU on underwater acoustics to develop communication algorithms to help the Navy for underwater systems. We raised Rs.1 Million in funding from VTU/ VGST.

Industry Outreach

In addition to the above, Dr. Vadde is extensively networked with companies to keep abreast with current problems. He is currently working with Cilantro Technologies, Smarter Dharma, and Greenland Farms on various sensor based problems.


IISc, Bangalore, India

We are actively engaged in collaboration with CeNSE for developing a MEMS based hydrophone for the Indian Navy.

Cornell University, New York

Dr. Amit Lal and Dr. Serhan Ardanuc have been keenly collaborating with us on a Solar reflector array applicable to India’s solar CSP potential.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Embedded sensors research is an area where Dr. Rahul Mangharam and Dr. Vadde collaborate.

National Institute of Design

Dr. Vadde works with designers in NID (India’s premier design academy) to convert promising ideas into products under the MSME Design Clinic.

National Sensor Research Centre, Ireland

Dr. Vadde is in the process of establishing research links with NSRC-Ireland.