Prof. Geetha Prakash

Geetha brings a wide set of skills in simulation, analysis and implementation. She has fielded an Elective on Sensors several times at PES.

Prof. B. Rajeshwari

Rajeshwari is an expert in Embedded Systems and RTOS issues as well as VLSI implementation on FPGA platforms.

Prof. Kogali Nagaraj

K Nagaraj has taught wireline and wireless Communication subjects for over two decades, and enjoys guiding applicable student projects.

Dr. A. Srinivas

Srinivas actively researches biomedical sensor based solutions for affordable healthcare, and is a partner in furthering this domains interests.

Prof. L. J. Nagaraj

LJ Nagaraj is interested in real-time signal processing and networked sensors. Prof. Chethan K. S: Chethan’s research interests lie in biomedical image signal processing and analysis.