Digital Beam Former and implementation on FPGA- Approaches for implementation of fixed weight digital beamformer and an adaptive beamformer using QRD-RLS algorithm for Phased array radar applications.

Beam Steering and Timing Controller- Design of an FPGA based beam steering controller for active phased array radar.

Computational Electromagnetics- Simulation of antenna patterns and wave propagation in different terrains

Software Defined Radio- Transreceiver development using the kit with

Cyber-securit- Research into tools, techniques, and processes to realize and maintain secure information systems.

Signal Seperation /Pattern identification in complex audio signals Wireless audio solution- Proto Model of Hearing aid developed; production process is on Modelling the working of a Polymeric thin film with a multiphysics approach for NEMS Sensor Node applications.

IR Data Communication between computers- Design IR transmitter and receiver that can be connected to the Labtop computers using USB port for file transfer– establishment of wireless IR link- exploting the advantage of noise immunity.

Vehicle Tracking System – Design tracking unit using GPS and transmit along with Geofencing uing crossing number algorithm.

BPSK Demodulation in presence of Doppler- Low bit rate data demodulation and extract data in presence of high Doppler shift.

FPGA Implementation of CODE Acquisition Loop for CDMA – the code acquisition technique is chosen and the system is designed and verified using SIMULINK. Demodulated data is realized as RTL schematic and then implemented on a FPGA board.