V.Mahadevan is a Professor in Electronics and Communication Department and has rich experience at ISRO in the design /development of spacecraft antenna systems and system design of communication systems. His major contribution has been in the design of Active Array Antenna Systems for spacecrafts and established a world class facility Compact Antenna Test Facility for antenna systems and integrated spacecrafts measurements as Associate Project Director. He lead a team of engineers as Group Director of Communication Systems Group at ISRO guiding them in the design and development spacecraft communication systems His area of interest is mainly in the field of Antennas, RF and Microwave Systems, Radar Systems, and Electromagnetics.

Shri. V. Mahadevan obtained his B.Tech (Hons) in Electronics & Communication from IIT Kharagpur and M.E. in Communication Engineering from IISc Bangalore.

He received NRDC award from Govt. of India for his contribution on Handheld Antenna for Satellite Telephone, Team Award for Cartosat-2 Satellite from President of India, ISRO Award for Phased Array Antenna System, and IRSI-IETE 2007 Award for Contributions on Spacecraft Omni directional and Phased Array Antenna System. He holds two Patents, one Handheld Antenna System and the other on UltraLow Sidelobe Antenna. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Life Member ASI (Astronautical Society of India) and Life Fellow Member IETE, Member IET and has published a number of papers in international and national journals.