Antenna and RF Systems- Analysis and design of various antennas, phased arrays, active arrays, passive arrays, antennas for satellite and radar , transmit / receive modules, passive systems like power dividers, couplers, filters, etc.

Computational Electromagnetics- Simulation of antenna characteristics, wave propagation in different terrains.

Network Security- Research into tools, techniques, and processes to realize and maintain secure information systems.

OFC- links, study of effects in channel performace, evaluation of parmeters.

Signal Separation /Pattern identification in complex audio signals Wireless audio solution- Development of audio hearing aid, and production.

Base band systems- System study for different modulationschemes, simulation, analysis.

Software Defined Radio- development of systems using kits, analysis, coding.

Wireless Communication- Study, simulation and analysis of various schemes( 3G, 4G, 4Gadvanced ,etc.), measurement of channel parameters.

Nano Electronics– NEMS sensor development, Research Methodology- Nanoparticle synthesis, Thinfilm fabrication, characterization, property studies,COMSOL modeling, Device development.


Electronics Labs, Microwave Lab for hardware developments mainly for proof of concepts, and protoversion.