Process Engineering is at the heart of any biological process intended for energy, health, environment, food or agriculture and water. It dates back to making bread and wine to one of the most advanced and challenging metabolic engineering of organisms to produce products that are useful to human mankind. Computational biology focuses on knowledgebase development, QSAR and drug design, metabolic engineering, pathway modelling and simulation, and cellular image analysis. It integrates experimental research with computational analysis including big data analysis. The domain interface is between multiple disciplines such as Biological or Life Sciences, Computational Sciences and Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.


  1. To develop processes and technologies for health, energy, environment, agriculture or food and water to meet the demands of sustainability by biological means.
  2. To foster and promote an environment for collaborative research, learning, training and teaching.
  3. To create or establish laboratories suitable for biological processes and computational biology.