The leafy PES campus offers delightful spaces for studying, living and interaction. The excellent residential facilities have been carefully planned according to international standards. Our hostels on the campus offer well-ventilated, comfortable rooms Stringent, round-the-clock security arrangements and a doctor on call service that all student needs are attended to. Common recreational areas help develop a sense of camaraderie and foster long-term bonds. The modern cafeteria, with its open kitchen and airy patio is equipped to serve hundreds of students.

Tech Activities

Students a chance to participate in the process of discussing new ideas, developing them into research concepts and workable products. Some students consider this experience as a turning point in their careers. A chance encounter opens up a new world of possibilities.

Cultural Activities

At PES, students pursue their interests through diverse communities: from debates to the famed PES band, the various clubs and teams reflect the wide range of personal and professional interests of our vibrant, student community. Our air-conditioned auditorium provides a platform for the events.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibilities include adoption of Govt Schools, blind School, environmental awareness, Blood Donation Camps, medical camps in villages, Icare Social Initiatives, foster homes, HIV Centers, teaching slum kids, voting awareness and organizing Samarpana to honor martyr soldiers.


From cricket to basketball, athletics to yoga – students can stay fit in any way they choose. Excellent coaching facilities allow them to hone their skills and PES teams ahve won much acclaim for their performance on the sports field.